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Lea Michele Covers Health Magazine


American actress and singer, Lea Michele, covers the October issue of Health Magazine. In her interview, she talks about how PCOS changed her relationship with food.

Lea about her PCOS: “When I finished Glee and crept toward my 30th birthday, everything just halted. Around that same time, I also found out that I have PCOS (polycystic ovary syndrome), which is a very common condition. The side effects can be brutal—like weight gain and bad skin. I think because of my age, that diagnosis, and the fact that I wasn’t working a job that kept me dancing every single day, I needed to integrate some sort of more formal workouts. I realized that I like workouts with a spiritual element—whether it’s SoulCycle or hot yoga.”

On her future: “Oh my gosh, I hope to be a mom of, like, 10 kids—if it’s physically possible to pop that many out! Ha! I’m so excited about the thought of being a mom. I also want to continue making records, and I hope to return to Broadway. I also just really want to continue being my own boss—in the sense of creating content for myself on television and writing roles and finding projects that really serve me. “

Read the entire interview with Lea here.

View below images of Lea Michele taken for Health Magazine (courtesy of Yu Tsai & Health Magazine).