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Christina Aguilera Brings “The Xperience” to Europe


Christina Aguilera has announced that she will be bringing “The Xperience” to several European countries this year, including France, Belgium, Germany, the UK and Russia. This will be Christina’s first tour on the Old Continent in 13 years after she completed her “Back to Basics Tour.”

“The Xperience” starts on 4 July in Paris (France) and finishes on 14 November in Birmingham (the UK).

4 July – Paris, France
6 July – Antwerp, Belgium
8 July – Amsterdam, Holland
11 July – Berlin, Germany
13 July – Stuttgart, Germany
19 July – Pori, Finland
21 July – Saint Petersburg, Russia
23 July – Moscow, Russia
5 November – Dublin, Ireland
7 November – Glasgow, Scotland
9 November – London, England
10 November – London, England
12 November – Manchester, England
14 November – Birmingham, England

Check Christina’s official website for more information about venues and tickets for the upcoming concerts.

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