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True Detective: Night Country | Official Trailer | Max


This will be one of the most anticipated TV series premieres of the early year. In January, the fourth season of the TV anthology series “True Detective” will land on the HBO Max platform, featuring Jodie Foster leading the investigation.

In this new season, we’ll delve into the story of Detective Liz Danvers and her partner Evangeline Navarro as they attempt to unravel the disappearance of eight men staffing an Arctic research station near the town of Ennis in Alaska. During the long winter night, the detectives, played by Jodie Foster and Evangeline Navarro, will have to confront the darkness – both external and within themselves – and come face to face with unsettling truths hidden beneath the eternal permafrost.

The script for the series was prepared by Issa López, known for her work on productions such as “Tigers Are Not Afraid,” “600 Miles,” and “The Guilty Ones,” who also serves as the showrunner, director, and executive producer.

The series “Detective: Land of Night” will hit the Max platform on January 14, 2024.

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