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Millie Bobby Brown Says She Asked Mom to Stop Sending Sad Animal TikToks

Millie Bobby Brown says she once considered cutting off her mom from TikTok. The Stranger Things actress, 19, revealed in a new BuzzFeed interview released on Friday that while she doesn’t often send memes or TikTok videos to others, she receives “many” from her mom — but they aren’t ones that she likes to see.
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Millie Bobby Brown Asks for Some respect & Boundaries

Millie Bobby Brown recently took to her official Instagram to asked for some respect and boundaries. In her live feed, the actress talked about the encounter she had at a store when she went Christmas shopping with her mother.
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One to Watch: “Enola Holmes”

“Enola Holmes” is a mystery film released on 23 September on Netflix. The movie is based on the first book by Nancy Springer and follows Enola Holmes, a younger sister of famous detective Sherlock Holmes, on her quest to find her missing mother Eudoria. In the course of the action, Enola outwits her brothers and manages to solve the mystery of Viscount Tewkesbury.
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