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“Fantasy Island” Final Trailer Released

The final trailer for the upcoming adventure, comedy and horror film “Fantasy Island” was released on 29 January (Wednesday). The movie stars Maggie Q (as Elena), Lucy Hale (as Melanie), Portia Doubleday (as Sonja) and Michael Peña (as Mr. Roarke).
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“Katy Keene” Gets Additional 13 Episodes

“Katy Keene,” which is the spin-off of “Riverdale,” has just got additional episodes for its first season. The CW ordered additional 13 scripts for the series. Even though the show has not been renewed for the second season yet, additional episodes for the first season are a good sign.
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Lucy Hale & David Dobrik to Host Teen Choice Awards 2019

Lucy Hale from "Pretty Little Liars" co-hosted Teen Choice Awards in 2013 with Darren Criss ("Glee") and now she is back to host the 2019 Teen Choice Awards with YouTuber David Dobrik. Teen Choice Awards 2019 will air on Sunday, 11 August 2019.
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