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Jonas Brothers Released “X” & “5 More Minutes”

Jonas Brothers fans are in for a real treat this Friday (15 May)! Apart from “X,” the group released another new track on this day. The song is called “5 More Minutes” and was already debuted during the 2020 Grammy Awards earlier this year.
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Jonas Brothers Tease “Happiness Continues” Project

The Jonas Brothers will make special announcements during their live online session on 23 April (Thursday). Nick, Joe and Kevin have been texting their fans with two words – “Happiness Continue.” Texts have been accompanied by teasers published on their social media.
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Sophie Turner & Joe Jonas Expect a Baby!

Sophie Turner and Joe Jonas are reportedly expecting their first baby during the summer. Even though, the happy couple is yet to announce the news officially to the world, they have already shared it with their family.
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Jonas Brothers Release “What a Man Gotta Do”

The Jonas Brothers released a new single “What a Man Gotta Do” on 17 January (Friday). The song is accompanied by a music video which features all three wives of the brothers – Priyanka Chopra, Sophus Turner and Danielle Jonas.
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Jonas Brothers Release “Jersey”

The Jonas Brothers treated their fans to an early Christmas gift and released a song called “Jersey” on 24 December (Tuesday). “Jersey” was performed during their “Happiness Begins Tour.”
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2020 Grammy Awards Nominations Announced!

The official nominations to the 2020 Grammy Awards were announced on 20 November (Wednesday). Prior to the announcement, there were some leaks at the official Grammy Awards website indicating who would be considered for upcoming awards… And they turned out to be true!
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