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Michael B. Jordan to Direct “Creed 4”


At Deadline Contenders, producer Irwin Winkler revealed that Michael B. Jordan will take the director’s chair for the upcoming Creed 4.

When asked if Jordan would direct the second film in the series, Winkler said, “I’m not supposed to say… but he will be.”

Winkler also disclosed that Creed 4 will enter the pre-production phase in about a year. He said, “We plan to do Creed 4, it’s in the works. We feel we have a really good story. A really good script. And we’re hopeful… Well, we got a little delayed because of the strike, like everyone else… But probably in a year, we’ll move into pre-production.”

Jordan made his directorial debut with Creed 3, which premiered earlier this year. The film was a significant departure from the series as it was the first entry without Sylvester Stallone’s Rocky Balboa.

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