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Liz Mace Tests Positive for Coronavirus


Liz Mace, of an American music duo Megan & Liz, tested positive for coronavirus (COVID-19). The singer took to Instagram to share the sad news with her fans, and urge them to take the danger seriously and stay at home.

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This is a difficult post for me to post, but I felt I had to. Today I tested positive for COVID-19, Corona Virus. I want to start off by saying this is hard because truly I’m embarrassed. Everyone keeps telling me that it’s fine and it’s a global pandemic and not to be embarrassed, but I am the first person in my friends and family/close/extended circle even to be tested – let alone test positive. I am posting this because I am stressing STRESSING to STAY. INSIDE. I have no idea when or how I contracted it. I am beating myself up – did I not practice social distancing soon enough? Did I not wash my hands enough? (I started full self quarantine on Monday even before I started showing symptoms) – I consider myself someone who took the warnings seriously and I still got sick. So my ~lesson~ is if you are reading this and still not social distancing, or not social distancing enough do it now PLZ! This virus is sneaky and obviously underestimated. I woke up Wednesday night with severe chills and a fever. I actually had no respiratory symptoms, and was convinced it was the flu – and when I went to the doctor I tested negative for flu, which led to the COVID test. I again was convinced it was NOT corona because my “symptoms didn’t match.” – but obviously did the test under the doctors insistence. To be honest with you all, it was a rough 3 days but I am feeling almost back to normal today. My heart is breaking for who I unknowingly passed it along to, if I did at all (again I was in self quarantine when showing symptoms but WHO REALLY KNOWS WHAT THE INCUBATION PERIOD IS!?) I say again, don’t underestimate this virus. I’m not asking for pity or attention, I just knew that posting for the next 2 weeks not being honest wasn’t going to be easy or feel right. Stay home, stay healthy and take it SERIOUSLY.

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We Are So Sugary staff wishes all the best for Liz. May she return to health soon.