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Dove Cameron Asks Fans to Focus on Mental Health


Dove Cameron has recently taken to social media to draw attention to the importance of mental health and therapy.

The actress herself has been going to therapy as she has been dealing with serious issues this year, including the unexpected passing of co-star Cameron Boyce in July due to the complications of epilepsy.

“Just out of another therapy/intensive trauma session. Feeling a bit lighter, but also heavily reminded of just how much real work I have to do/pain I have to untangle. This life is hard, y’all. And mental health/needing help is nothing to be ashamed of. Take care of yourselves,” tweets Dove. “Also: i know therapy isn’t something everyone has access to/can afford, & I wish that wasn’t the case. But in whatever way you can, whatever you have access to; please prioritize your inner state/mental health. Before you can help anyone else, you must help yourself. You matter.”

This is a very positive message to all fans coming from the actress. And very well welcomed and appreciated as well!